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This beautiful and unique opportunity for families to celebrate the holiday season with some Christmas joy starts with friends and partners like you.

Vinnies Christmas Donation

At the heart of the Vinnies Store lies a transformative opportunity for families, offering them the power of choice while promoting responsible resource usage. For families residing in the Vincent House Shelter and the Village Community Rental Homes, shopping at Vinnies is more than just a monthly activity – it's a chance to regain control, providing them with essential items, household goods, and delightful treats for their children, such as balls, bikes, and coloring books. Through a point-based system, families, as well as kids, are empowered to make choices and meet their needs, all while fostering dignity and stability.

During the holiday season, our Vinnies "Christmas" Store opens its doors, allowing parents to shop for special gifts for each child and family gifts and fulfill special requests that might otherwise be unattainable. This unique experience brings Christmas joy to families, marking the season of giving and celebration. We owe this beautiful opportunity to friends and partners like you, who make this festive spirit possible.

Your support is the cornerstone of the Vinnies Store at Vincent Village. By partnering with us for the Christmas store, you enable families, especially children transitioning from homelessness, to receive gifts and experience the joy of giving to their loved ones.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of volunteers and staff invests their time and resources to make the Vinnies Store a reality for these families. With your continued assistance, the Vinnies Christmas Store will again come to life this December, bringing holiday cheer to those in need.

We invite you to consider supporting the Vinnies Christmas Store once more. Your ongoing partnership is invaluable, and your dedication to helping Vincent Village families during the holiday season is deeply appreciated.

Warmest holiday wishes from all of us at Vincent Village.