About Us

Vincent Village believes that strong families build strong communities.

Who do we serve?

Vincent Village, Inc. serves homeless families with children. We are the only transitional shelter in Allen County serving two-parent families and single-male headed families. Being able to keep families together during the crisis of homelessness provides an additional element of strength and an even greater chance for success. Approximately 82% of the families served are single female-headed families, 13% are two-parent families, and approximately 4% are single male-headed families. Approximately 68% of the people living in the shelter are children.

All families entering Vincent House have incomes below 30% of the area median. Some have no income at program entrance. Thirty-seven percent of the families entering the program are employed but are not making enough to pay for housing. An even larger percentage had jobs prior to homelessness but lost their jobs during the crisis precipitating their homelessness.


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